About Us

"We love to make coffee, for the people who love to drink it."

Brew technology

Your coffee matters to us.

Coffee Port is a model built out of necessity, that necessity is usually the same for all coffee drinkers. We all want our coffee to taste great, the important piece here is that it tastes great every time, so we’ve built systems that provide you with a consistently great coffee every time. No one wants to wait long periods to get that hot (or cold) little brew into the life, so we kept it simple, we just do coffee (and tea and cake of course). Your coffee is the best coffee, we ask the questions to ensure that however you like your coffee, that’s how you’ll get it. Perhaps we’ll even help you explore new brews in your journey of coffee.

Terrigal store

Quality, Consistency, Service.

Coffee Port takes every opportunity to take eco-conscious steps to minimise its environmental impact. Through the use of Compostable Cups and encouraging the use of Reusable cups. Proudly stocking the HuskeeCup and implementing its swap system, we are able to offer a simple solution to single use cups.

Coffee is our number one passion and priority, we have selected a well balanced blend with plenty of body and kick appropriately named Complex Espresso. Supporting our blend is the premium milk provider Little Big Dairy Co allowing us to confidently serve to a great tasting coffee.