Introducing the Huskee Swap.


Huskee Swap is aiming to reduce the incredible volume of single-use takeaway cups that are thrown away every day.

This is how it works:

1. Your favourite Coffee Shop (that's us!) commits to a program called Huskee Swap.

2. You buy a HuskeeCup and lid in-store, in your preferable size

3. You bring in your Huskee cup and get your coffee. So far just a normal keep cup right? Here’s the Difference! When you bring your cup into a Huskee Swap venue like ours, we have a "float" of cups ready and we take your dirty cup and we give you your coffee in a clean commercially washed HuskeeCup.

The positives: This means your keep cup will never ever wear out! This means you won't have to doggedly ask us to rinse out your cup before making you a fresh cup. This means if you use “Hey You” to pre-order your coffee, we don’t need to wait to get your cup, we can just make it in a fresh one as long as you bring in yours and exchange it.


This means you can do the above in any of Huskee Swap venue (and they are growing fast). This means you are contributing to this world-first movement that is currently rolling out across the globe, and is helping fight the ever building landfills.

Get excited because we are!!