Plug In a Coffee Port



 Coffee Port is a high quality, premium “Coffee-To Go” business, designed to operate in small portal style environments, minimally 5 square metres up to 15 square metres. 

Plug In Coffee Port

The design and functionality of our CP Model value-adds for tenants, staff and customers visiting your business premises. Operating as a customer friendly adjunct to an existing food outlet, or as dedicated coffee provider for non food related businesses, Coffee Port is a niche service, operating hours are flexible and designed around what best suits your location.


Coffee Port converts a small non-productive space into a high value, rent returning asset. 

The Coffee Port model further provides an attractive and pleasant consumer offering for your visiting clients and a welcome convenience for your customers or tenants.

What do you need to do once we're in?

 The Coffee Port model is self sufficient and designed to be visually non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Coffee Port baristas are professionally trained, with an emphasis on building friendly courteous customer relationships. 

We work with you

From the moment you enquire, we will work along side you and your business to get the best result. From design to fit out and daily operations Coffee Port has it covered.